Monday, March 19, 2007

A few reviews from a bored reader

Well I promised reviews of the books I read while buried in Wedding-ville on my vacation to good old New York, however I'm bring these to you quite bored. The books were boring. The plots were boring, characters boring. All hope would have been lost if not for the final book. It was surprisingly on and let me know what you think, especially if you've read any of these.

First we have Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay. The plot outline is quite brief... tragically, the young son of Rex and Meg is struck and killed by a drunk driver, who happens to be Meg's ex-best friend. The couple is devastated, their only child now dead, and decide to spend the rest of their days on a boat, puttering around the Bahamas, Tobago, etc. They leave everything and everyone behind, including their grief and the fact that they ever even had a son, out of all conversations. The characters are incredibly flat and at times frustrating. The entire story line is ridiculous and the end of the story left me wanting to throw the book at a wall. This book was 280 pages I can never get back. Out of 10...a 2.

Next, The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. This was definitely a light read and not horrible in the least, it simply didn't do for me what I was looking for. I love books about knitting and quilting (though I still don't know how to do either), but unfortunately in those subject areas, the books end up being a bit too sappy. This one was no exception. Georgia Walker is raising her little girl Dakota all by herself, while running her knitting shop Walker & Daughter. The story focuses on Georgia and Dakota getting used to having Dakota's father back in their lives, as well as on several other women, each working through an intense issue of her own. They help each other deal with their lives by meeting each Friday Night to work on knitting, eat Dakota's baking creations, and chat. Jacobs did a decent job of making each character complex and unique, but her ending was ridiculous. Out of 10, this book gets a 5. It would get a 7 if the ending was different.

Finally, the only book I truly enjoyed was Summer of Light by W. Dale Cramer. This is labeled as a Christian fiction book and is definitely geared more towards women than men. Mike Brannigan, a tough construction worker, loses his job after an accident. Much to his dismay, he becomes a stay-at-home dad to his children, one of which needs extensive care, and myriad of animals. While dealing with day to day problems that arise out of his new "career" Mike learns he has talent in photography. Though nothing is spectacular about this novel its characters are very engaging and the plot keeps you reading. So much so that it was hard to believe a man wrote this story. My favorite character was The Man With No Hands and all the good he does for each of the other characters. This is a quick read, not to mention very "light" but it really was worth my time. Out of 1o, this book gets a 7.5.


Katya said...

I hate when books are boring. I might try the knitting one though if I'm on a plane anytime soon.

Amanda said...

It was decent, but nothing extraordinary. I also have The Knitting Circle on my TBR list...we'll see if that's any better.

Deena said...

Summer of Light was a wonderful might also enjoy "Levi's Will"--I was pleasantly surprised by this one. "Bad Ground" was also enjoyable once I was able to get into it...and "Sutter's Cross" was his first, and I highly recommend it as well!