Monday, March 5, 2007

Kid's Book Review Day

I have read a variety of excellent children's books lately and it's time for a review or two! First, Once I Ate a Pie by Patricia and Emily MacLachlan was probably the cutest picture book I've read in awhile. 13 very different, but very adorable dogs explain what their lives are like being dogs on a daily basis. Everyone who owns a dog can compare their own to one of the animals pictured in this book. My pit/terrier, Shae, definitely compares to "Wupsie" the "I'm cute, I'm cute" dog. The pictures in this book are amazing, leaving me wanting a print of each to hang in my house. Between that and the actually dogs, this is a must have for my own bookshelf. We've all passed it around between the staff at the library and all the adults love it as much as the children.

Next is Our Tree Named Steve by Allen Zweibel. This, unlike the first book, is not brand new, and just happens to already be one of my favorite children's books. I just now placed the order to actually buy it for my library at home, after reading it over and over again the past couple of years. This story is about a family that builds their house right next to a huge tree that they eventually name Steve. Steve stands next to their house for years, as the family grows and changes, always being loving and protective. It is a very sweet story, yet unique, having been written about a caring tree, rather than a person. The children in our library love this book, as do the adults. It's beautifully written and the pictures are very well done.

Reading children's books as often as I do as gotten me various comments from family members and friends that just don't understand what I see in them. Being that I do not have children quite yet, no one really understands why I would bother with picture books at this time in my life. I know most of you understand very well what I find in these books and I love that I'm not alone in my love of children's books.


Faith said...

Amanda, I'm in my 40s, couldn't have children and knew adoption wasn't the right answer for us. But I still read children's books. They're delightful. So read away, continue to enjoy them, and continue to review them here so I can go read them! :)

Andi said...

Funny I should find your blog just as I'm finishing my M.A. in children's lit! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! :)