Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some changes

First of all, a great big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who sympathized with me yesterday. It was just one of those awful days. I have very high hopes that today will be much better! That being said, I've made a few changes to some of my challenge lists and figured I'd better send out an update. Now I know I didn't officially sign up for the 26 New Authors Challenge, I couldn't find a link to do so anywhere, but I saw this challenge happening in a couple of blogs and just started doing it for myself. I figure at the end of the year it will be interesting to have made myself read 26 new authors and I'm already well on my way. I hope I don't make anyone feel like I'm just entering a challenge without signing up, I'm just doing that for me! As for the Spring Reading Thing Challenge, Deena over at A Peek at My Bookshelf made smile yesterday when she stated that she already has made it through a bunch of her list and had to add more. I have the feeling that I will soon end up doing the same thing, so look for more titles added to my list in the near future. I have only completed one so far, but it was a busy week and I didn't have time for much reading, which will hopefully be changing shortly. We also (finally) got a new order in at the library so I know my name will be up for some of those new titles soon. Last but not least, I am planning on switching out one or two of the titles on my Non-Fiction Five Challenge, for the simple reason that there are others I would rather be reading than those I've chosen. We'll see though, I may just end up doing some extra credit. Oh yes, and thank you for the suggestions as to how to do a strikeout, however for some reason that doesn't work for me. The site just tells me "that HTML tag is not allowed." My lovely computer nerd of a fiance had tried that and was stumped. Oh well...just look for the books in bold...those are the ones I've completed. I'll have a couple of reviews tonight, look for them!


Lisa said...

Did you try just (s)and (/s) with the < > instead?

Debi said...

So glad you're feeling better today! And I hope the day is so good it makes up for yesterday tenfold!

Amanda said...

Yep, I tried that too. Maybe it's the internet browser I'm using. Who knows!