Friday, April 6, 2007

3 Reviews

I have completed 2 more books off my Spring Reading Thing Challenge list, as well as one of my Banned Book Challenge books, and figured a few reviews are in order. Though not exactly brilliant on my part, the first two reviews are the last two books in a series by Karen Kingsbury. I didn't have this blog when I read the first three and therefore do not have reviews of them, however, they were good. Trust me. It's Karen Kingsbury we're talking about! On to the reviews:
Family is book 4 in this series. It follows Dane and Katy as they attempt to form a committed relationship amongst problems with the paparazzi constantly following Dayne (he's a big time movie star in case you haven't read the first books). Privacy is a huge issue with Katy, especially since she has been pictured on the headlines of every tabloid in America, due to the trial of the women who attempted to kill Dayne and Katy in the previous book. This book is very typical of Kingsbury, but that's what I like. She is always a good choice when I can't find anything else to read, simply because she is a soothing writer. Her characters are very real and very believable and her faith in God is what ultimately brings me to love her.

Forever, the conclusion to the series, again follows Dayne and Katy on their relationship journey, this time while planning a wedding and searching for their dream house. While Dayne's new found family gets used to having a new son/brother, the couple is seeing all their dreams come true. When a tragic accident effects them all, it will take faith, love, and the Lord to see them all through. Again, Kingsbury makes the reader connect with her characters and feel their sadness and burdens. These are not books that always have happy endings, they contain events that could actually happen and allow the reader to see that God always comes through in the end, no matter how difficult or dark the journey. I'm really looking forward to seeing how life pans out for Dayne and Katy, as well as the Baxter family in Kingsbury's next series, beginning with Sunrise.

Yes, this book is also entitled, Forever, but is incredibly different in subject matter from Kingsbury's title. This was the second book I read for the banned books challenge and while I couldn't find anything in my first selection (James and the Giant Peach) that would result in the book being challenged or banned, Blume's book was another story. This book was filled sex and bad language, being completely inappropriate for young readers. I read many instances of it being removed from the shelves of school libraries and though I still do not agree with "banning" anything or even removing it from the shelves altogether, this is not a book I would want my 5th grader to get her hands on. That being said, in the library I work in it is deemed an Adult fiction novel and is shelved as such. It contains enough adult material that even though it may have been written for young adults, it probably shouldn't be read by someone under 15. Being that I am not yet a mother, I can't really say when I would "allow" my daughter to read this book. In my mind I would like to think I will be an excellent mother and set a great Christian example and she won't even be interested in reading it. One can hope right?
Hopefully I'll get a lot more reading done this Sunday while the "almost hubby" is at work. He may be a good distraction, but I just can't seem to get any reading done while he's around!


Deena said...

I'm sad to say I didn't finish the first Baxter series with Kingsbury and Smalley...the tragedy just got to me. But I loved Luke's story tremendously.

Having said that, the cover of Sunrise looks so appealing I may have to begin with this family all over again. I've also seen the cover of book 2 in the new series, but cannot remember the title...they are listed in the coming soon section of

I'm also sad to say I read Forever by Judy Blume in Jr. High, and it was not a healthy book to read at that age. I don't allow my girls to read anything Judy writes for young teens. That is one book I wish I had never heard of...but it made the rounds of the girls in my classes, and changed a lot of values...and not for the good:-(

Bookfool said...

Hi Amanda!

I've just dropped by to tell you that you're the winner of The Moon on a Stick. Please send your address to me at:

and I'll pop it in the mail on Monday. :)


Katya said...

Happy Easter, Amanda. Keeping a book from a child is a tricky thing. My parents didn't ever tell me I couldn't read anything so I read what I was interested in. I even read some of the books from the adult fiction section in the library. I don't have such an open policy with my daughter because she takes things very much to heart -- the fiction/reality thing is harder for her than it was for my son.