Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fairy Tale Catalog

I haven't been doing much picture book "reading" lately, but I came across this book this morning after a patron returned it and was just delighted. It is so darn cute! Fairy Tale Catalog: Everything You Need to Make a Fairy Tale is exactly as it sounds. It is an adorable book that helps the reader to choose the perfect elements to make their ideal fairy tale, all available for purchase (but not with money, with wishes). It starts out with choosing the actual fairy. Choices range from the "Clean-up Fairy, Water Fairy, Hairy Fairy" and there is even a section for Clearance Fairies. Next, the reader can design the perfect fairy dress and then pick out fairy wands and wings. As this book progresses we see a quiz for "is he your prince charming," choices to buy friendly giants, unicorns, dwarves, or frogs, different selections to make fairy living more comfortable )spinning wheels, magic mirrors, cauldrons, etc.), recipes for fairy food, and fairy houses. This book was so cute!! I enjoyed it even as an adult and found myself chuckling with each page turned. I can only hope that my daughter (when I have one) will enjoy girly stuff like fairies and stories like this, so I can share it with her. Adorable!!

I received one of the books I won recently in the mail yesterday. This one was Moon on a Stick, which I won last week from The Bookfool. It was for her Buy A Friend a Book contest and I'm thrilled that I won! Thanks again!! I can't wait to read it! Enjoy the rest of the day!


Jenny said...


Thanks for posting this review! It looks adorable. I have 2 girls, 4 & 6, who I homeschool and I think this book will be prefect for discussing the elements of fairy tales.


Debi said...

The book sounds absolutely delightful! Thanks for another wonderful review!