Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kaleidoscope Eyes

I really think I've just been reading too much, my standards are way too high at this point, resulting in a reading slump. I haven't read a truly great book since I finished The Book Thief back in March and it's starting to get a little frustrating! I mean, this book was good, just nothing fantastic like the first in the series.

doscope Eyes follows Annie Justice, a woman who can see the colors people possess and uses that to create beautiful stained glass art. She, along with her huge German Shepard, Kodi, also are part of a search and rescue team that find assist in finding people when they are lost. Jed Curry produces a tv show that chronicles heroes all over the country. He wants Annie and Kodi to be on the television show, but Annie, a very private person, refuses. Jed comes up with a plan to trick her into wanting to be on the show, of course resulting in a big disaster.

The story was good, I just really couldn't get into it as much as I wanted to. I loved the first book in Ball's series, Shattered Justice, which follows Annie's brother, Dan after losing his wife. I really do think, after books like The Book Thief, my expectations are a bit too high. I've never had an issue with a simple inspirational novel such as this one before, but now I want something meatier, something more thought provoking and hearty. I'm in the middle of Left Behind by Tim Lahaye right now and that isn't doing it for me either. Any suggestions?

I also wanted to update on some nice packages that have been arriving regularly in the mail for me. First, I received the signed books I won from the author Donna Fleisher, sponsored by So Many Books...I was SO excited. I received all three in the Homeland Heroes series and Donna even signed them for me. I can't wait to crack those open! I also received a free book from the Zondervan publishing company, just for signing up for their newsletter, which I had been wanting to do anyways. The book I received was Making Ripples by Mike Breaux. It appears to be a collection of stories, so I hope to be able to get to that one soon as well! Thanks to Deena for letting us all know about that! And finally, I got 2 of my birthday purchases, Coldwater Revival and Always Green in the mail as well. 2 more are on their way. I have a pile of books ready to take on my honeymoon next month (and no, there is nothing wrong with that!). Enjoy your Saturday!

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Gavin said...

That's a great set of books you've received there. I look forward to reading your reviews.