Sunday, April 1, 2007

Life List

Yesterday, I was browsing over at Chaurcerian Girl's blog and found a posting she did a couple days ago on having a Life List. She had discovered this over at another blogger's site and felt compelled to complete one of her own, leading me to feel compelled to complete one of my own. I really believe that in each of our mind's we have a life list created...those things that we want to complete in our lifetime before we go home to be with Jesus. However, few of us write them down and therefore very little of the list is actually completed. Writing it down makes it permanent and more important. It makes us feel the need to complete these tasks and when we do, oh how good it will feel. So please, read my life list (which is bound to get longer with every passing day) and then create your own. If you do, leave me a comment with a link to your page. In no particular order, here we go...

Amanda's Life List--First Draft,

1. Find a job I love
-I love books, I love kids, I love libraries...however where I am at right now in terms of work is not where I ultimately want to be. It's only a "pay-the-bills" job at this point.

2. Buy a house
-I have been paying rent somewhere or another since I was 19. I want to own something. I want it to be mine (and Aaron's). I want to decorate and make something comfortable, not wondering where my money is going.

3. Have babies
-If I had it my way I would have a whole houseful. 4, 5, 6. Whatever God blesses us with will be the perfect number, but the more the merrier!

4. Go on a mission project
-My almost sister-in-law just came back from a trip to India where she and her husband did work for an orphanage. I would love to do that somewhere in the world. I just have to wait and see where God calls me to.

5. Learn to knit and quilt
-I love to read books about women who do these crafts and I want to learn both so badly. I have to find the right place to learn and soon! I want to make a baby quilt (or knit a blanket) before we have our first child.

6. Snorkel in the ocean
-I'm going on a honeymoon where I will have this opportunity in May. I just need to move past the claustrophobic feeling snorkels give me in order to see the beauty of the ocean.

7. Have a good savings
-right now, with a wedding and two jobs that don't pay much, not to mention school loans kicking in this December, Aaron and I have no savings to speak of. We really would like to have a nice cushion for those "just-in-case" times.

8. Stop caring what other people think
-I've always been very self conscious of my appearance and the way I act. As long as I please God then that should be enough.

9. Own a pair of bright red shoes AND wear them
-this goes along with #8. I would love to have a bright pair of shoes, wearing them would be the hard part, being that blending in is all I've ever wanted!

10. See all the lighthouses on both coasts.
-difficult? Maybe, but I have a good start. I just love lighthouses and would love to take one of those tours that brings you up and down the coast, learning about each one.

11. Reread all the books I own
-I only purchase books that I love or that are written by authors that I love, therefore I already know I'll love the book again, I just need to set time aside to read some of the oldies, rather than only the newbies.

12. Rid myself of this social anxiety disorder
-This is a very real disorder and it disrupts my every day life. I would love to be able to make a phone call to a stranger without getting nervous, order food in a restaurant without feeling like the waiter is critiquing my every word, or talk in front of a group of people without feeling sick. This will be the hardest to overcome, as I've dealt with it since I was in high school, but I know that I can do it...I just need to take every step necessary to do that.

13. Finally, I want to someday reach a place in my life where I am truly comfortable. I want to be happy with my work, satisfied that I am providing love and comfort for my family, and have the ability to relax, no sign of stress.

Life lists are difficult to make because they really make you think about what is important in your own life. After reading mine over I can see that what is most important to me is becoming comfortable with the real Amanda, as well as creating a family life that makes not only myself happy, but my husband and children as well. I look forward to seeing your life lists.


Debi said...

That sounds like a wonderful list, Amanda. What a smart thing to do.
(But just a hint...if you're going to have 4 or 5 or 6 kids, there's bound to be stress. lol)

Amanda said...

Yes Debi I'm sure there will be!! Though 4, 5, or 6 kids is great in my mind, my soon-to-be hubby wants to baby train to stop at 2! So we'll see how high that child stress level is in a few years!

Andi said...

Wonderful list!! I wrote one a couple of years ago, but I think it's time to revisit and revise. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Bookgirl said...

Thank you for sharing your list. I made sort of a life list too with 100 things I wanted to do. It's surprising how many things I have done from the list. What's funny are the things I once considered important but now would be no where on my list.

Amanda said...

I'm Amanda, too and just saw your post on Deena's page. Sounds like we have more in common than our names. I just finished that KK book, I'm reading Little House in the Big Woods to my daughter and I am reading Love Languages right now! Can't wait to look around your blog more!

Amanda said...

That's funny! I'll definitely be checking out your's as well!

Kirsten said...

That's a great list! Enjoy the snorkeling on your honeymoon. My husband and I went in both the Carribean and HI and both spots were amazing. In the Carribean we even had a pod of wild dolphins swim by us - it was incredible! And good luck with the knitting lessons :) I learned about 3 years ago and love it. I used to have frequent anxiety/panic attacks and found learning to knit to be very therapeutic. The counting and monotony of it calms me - maybe it will help with your anxiety issues. Now when I feel an anxiety attack coming on, I think about the latest knitting project I am working on and visualize myself counting and knitting stitches in my mind and it does help diffuse some of the tension. I'd like to take up quilting also :)

Lisa writes... said...

Okay, LOVE your #9! I have this weird attraction deal to red shoes (and red purses), even own a pair of little flat red mules, but CANNOT wear them! How weird is that?! ;-)

Amanda said...

If you wear your red shoes, I'll wear mine!

soleil said...

i love your #9 as well. i for one, LOVE to wear red and last summer i found the perfect pair of red sneakers and wore them out. now i am searching for the perfect pair of red flats. i say buy red and wear them! it just feels good ;)