Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What did I get myself into?

God has interesting ways of working, that's for sure!! First, let me tell you a little about this small group I belong to. My almost sister-in-law has a wonderful small group bible study that she attends in Illinois and this group decided they want to start an online discussion in order to allow more people to get involved, as well as to continue their discussions throughout the week instead of having them end Tuesday night when it's time to go home. Well my wonderful almost sister-in-law knows how hard of a time I'm having find a church community in this area and invited me to join... one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed upon me! We are currently studying a book written about the women of the bible and while learning about those women we are also learning about ourselves and each other as we go along. Just yesterday we finished the chapter on Lot's wife and how she hesitated when Jesus told her to leave without looking back, pausing to glance over her shoulder at all she had ever known and we wondered how often we ourselves to this. How often do we choose to take our own path or do something in our own ways because it's easier or more convenient or simply because we like it better than what God has chosen? In that same chapter, the author challenges the reader to reflect on what parts of our lives distract us from Jesus. What causes us to be weak and make decisions that may not be God's way? We focused a lot on creature comforts and of those comforts, what are we most attached to. The group census was basically that television is one of the main creature comforts of all of us and how it constantly takes us away from participating in other activities that could better enrich our lives, our families lives, and our relationship with Jesus.

That being said, we're giving up television for a week! And we are completely proud of ourselves for making that commitment to each other. We have challenged ourselves to give up this creature comfort (except the news/weather when necessary for work or travel) in favor of more time spent with devotions, prayer, and our overall relationship with the Lord. Cool huh? Now, I will be the first to tell you this will be a major challenge for me and I'll tell ya why. Aaron and I do not have a lot of money and I do not foresee us having a lot of money in the near future. Television is our form of cheap entertainment. Instead of movies or going out to eat or shopping, we stay home each night and watch television. We watch the big name shows (Lost, Jericho, Grey's Anatomy,24), we watch the not so popular shows (Gilmore Girls, King of Queens, old reruns), and we watch the home improvement shows...the reality shows (some). We watch the news shows, game shows (yay Jeopardy!). We are not constantly at the tv set, but whenever we are home together, we watch tv. Therefore, me giving it up is going to result in us spending more "quality" time together instead of tv watching time. We'll have more time to talk and discuss our plans, as well as me having more time with my prayer and devotions. God really does have a plan for us all and though this may be one of the small, itty-bitty ones, I still think His great mind is working for me. I'll let you know how I do next Tuesday when my challenge is over and we move on to Rebekah in our small group book. Who knows what surprises she may bring!


Gavin said...

A very admirable task. Let me guess, you're reading Liz Curtis Higgs' book ?

Amanda said...

No, actually we are reading "Women of the Bible" by Ann Spangler. We made our tv decision after reading the chapter on Lots wife.

Gavin said...

I haven't read any Ann Spangler books so I must remember to check them out.
BTW : Thanks for adding me to your links. I have done likewise.