Monday, May 28, 2007

Sadie's Song and Memorial Day

After a long weekend of cleaning and getting this house back in order after being gone for almost three weeks, I did manage to get a bit of reading in. I'm still working on my final selection for the Spring Reading Thing, that being The Prince of Tides, but it's definitely a slow read, being written in that slow, Southern manner of Conroy's. For this review, I have, Sadie's Song, by Linda Hall. A very quick read, not quite satisfying my need for good Christian fiction however.

Sadie's Song, is the story of a woman lost in her own life. Her husband abuses her and their 5 children, both mentally and emotionally, and Sadie has become so beaten down that she can no longer think for herself. She is constantly telling herself that her husband is not a mean person, that he is simply stressed out at work and taking it out on them. His actions begin to have horrible ramifications on their children, resulting in one son becoming incredibly violent, a daughter extremely sensitive, and the set of twins will cling to and trust only each other. When a local girl goes missing and signs point to her husband, Sadie begins thinking that maybe she and her children really are meant for a better life than they currently are living. With the help of a fellow church woman, Sadie takes steps to come into herself and learn to live on her own.

The plot of this story was pretty good, I just didn't really like the ending. Unfortunately it was a little unrealistic and "perfect." If this situation had really happened, the ending would be a lot more gray, not quite as cut and dry as Hall has made it out to be. This was meant to be a quick read and that it was, so I guess I was satisfied in that aspect. I think I was just a little disappointed with the overall ending. It gets a 5 out of 10 from me.

So now, as I said, I'm working on The Prince of Tides, and am unsure of what to start next. I can't start any of my children/YA titles for the Summer Reading Challenge 2 until Friday, but I do have a stack of library books waiting for my attention. I'll either go with the always satisfying Elm Creek Quilters series by Jennifer Chiaverini, the latest being The Quilter's Homecoming, or I'll get into a good mystery with Harlan Coban's latest The Woods. Check back tomorrow and see what I've chosen!

One final note, thank you to all of the blogger's who posted about Memorial Day, recognizing that today is not simply a free day off from work and the daily grind, but it has an actual meaning. As the wife of an enlisted Airman in the USAF, one with the possibility of returning to Iraq for his 2nd tour of duty this September, Memorial Day means a lot to me and a lot to him. It's great to see people really do appreciate what this day means. Thanks!


Debi said...

No, you and your husband are the ones who deserve the thanks, Amanda!

Shannon said...

Yes us spouses also sacrifice as well, Amanda! You will see that when you go through your first deployment!

~A Proud fellow USAF wife~

Amy said...

As a former Navy wife please let me say thanks to those of you with hubbies who are active duty.

God Bless you and your families!

Amanda said...

Thank you Debi, but Aaron definitely deserves the thanks, not me!

Shannon, he's already been to Iraq once and no, it wasn't any fun for either of us. I dread him possibly having to go back...

Thank you Amy, military life is good in some aspects, but the deployment part...I have nothing good to say about that.

ZG said...

You're invited to join the 8-Things Meme Party!