Saturday, June 16, 2007

Always Green

The other day I posted about a Did-Not-Finish I had earlier in the week, stating that it just wasn't catching my attention. After reading a comment by Deena, encouraging me to complete it, I picked the book back up and finished it on the ride to El Paso yesterday. Always Green, by Patti Hill, was not nearly as intriguing as the first book in the Garden Gates series, but it turned out to be not quite as bad as I thought. Actually, it was quite good! Thanks again Deena!

Always Green, is the second book in Patti Hill's Garden Gates series, the first being Like a Watered Garden. In this installment, we pick back up with Mibby Garrett, a single mother after losing her husband to cancer and a garden designer extraordinaire. The plot follows Mibby as she gets herself into one scrape after another, first going on several disastrous dates, then being entered into a garden design contest on accident, all while trying to raise a 14 year old boy that is interested in nothing but computer games, as well as trying to keep track of her huge dog, Blink.

As in the first novel, Always Green showcases just what it is like to be a single mother and a business owner. Mibby's life appears to be a mess, yet she always comes out shining because of her faith in God, her hilarious friends, and her strong sense of inner confidence. She may appear weak and disheveled on the outside, but Mibby Garrett is incredibly strong. Hill lets the reader root for Mibby and always leaves them chuckling at her mishaps. I really did end up enjoying this book and will definitely get the 3rd in the series. I would recommend this for those needing a quick and lighthearted read, but I would also say that reading the first in the series is a must before picking up this one.

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