Friday, June 22, 2007

A little more about me...

Ready to learn a bit more about Amanda?! I found this fun meme at Becky's Book Reviews and figured I would waste a little time filling it out. :-) Enjoy!

5 Things Meme

Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago
1) Well, I was 14 ten years ago, so I was probably preparing for my first year of high school.
2) Hanging out with my best friend, Robin (who is still my bf today) and riding our bikes 10 miles once a week just to buy magazines with stupid quizzes in them.
3) Bridge jumping. Not the smartest thing, I know, but that's what you do when you live in the sticks. Jump off 50 foot bridges into the river.
4) I spent a lot of time babysitting the summer I was 14. Too much time!
5) Reading...I've always loved reading and that year was no exception!

Five Snacks I Enjoy
1) Wheat things with dijon mustard and cheddar cheese
2) Ice cream cones, preferably a twist with chocolate sprinkles, but I can deal with hard ice cream too.
3) Chips and mild, chunky salsa
4) Frozen grapes
5) Popsicles, red or purple please!

Five Songs I Know All the Lyrics To

1) Strong Tower by Kutless
2) Saved by Grace by Shane and Shane
3) Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison
4) She's Everything by Brad Paisley (my wedding song :-)
5) Glory of Love by Peter Cetera

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire

1) Pay off our bills/loans/etc, as well as my mother's
2) Buy a nice house on a lake in NY
3) Have a book savings account, specifically for any book that I want to buy, as well as a nice big, regular savings account
4) Buy my hubby all the techie gadgets he could ever want, including that new computer and plasma tv he's been wanting forever
5) Donate to the bajillion charities I would love to help out

Five Bad Habits

1) I worry waaay too much and yes, that is a bad habit. I just can't let things go sometimes.
2) I brush my hair about a thousand times a day. It's long, about halfway down my back and very straight, which makes it look messy pretty much instantly. I can't help it, I have to brush.
3) I say "I'm sorry" for everything, even if the something isn't my fault or even have anything to do with me. It's my way of showing sympathy, but I know it's annoying.
4) Reading through movies/tv shows. This drives my husband crazy, but I just like to multi-task!
5) I have the horrible habit of not returning phone calls. I'm an email junkie, but leave me a voicemail and it may be a week before I get back to you. Sorry!

Five Things I Like To Do

1) I love, love, love to read/shop for/look at/browse for books. Anything to do with books, I'm there.
2) Hiking in the mountains with my hubby and my dog. Every Sunday we make the 25 minute drive up to Cloudcroft and hike/play/get coffee. It's great!
3) Swim. I love to swim. Love it. Too bad here in NM, the chance to do that is slim to none.
4) Camping. Camping is the best...and I mean real camping. Tents and sleeping bags and firewood. No campers, no Rv's, no electricity. I love REAL camping.
5)Road trips. Living in the middle of nowhere means Aaron and I take a lot of these. We'll go to El Paso for the day....or maybe somewhere in Arizona. Sometime soon we're going to get to South Texas to the beach.

Five Things I Would Never Wear Again:

1) Stirrup pants
2) The little tie things that bundle your shirt at the side. Those were just dumb.
3) Scrunchies.
4) A ponytail to the side. Does that count as wear?
5) Acid washed jeans

Five Favorite Toys

1) LightBright. That was the coolest toy ever!
2) Any board game. In fact, we are having a game night with some friends this evening. Can't wait! I'm the trivia queen!
3) Barbies. I was a total Barbie-holic. I hope my future daughter likes them too.
4) My Little Pony. I collected these when I was little and still buy them as gifts for the nieces.
5) The My Sister doll. I had a blast reading to her and having her "read" back!

Well that was fun! If you feel like taking this and doing it, leave me a comment so I can come read yours!


LiteracyTeacher said...

Just completed mine at Yours was quite interesting. :)

Becky said...

I loved reading this one. As far as bad habits go, I'm with you on #3. And on the things I'd never wear again, same on #2. I had completely forgotten about those.

I also loved your toy selections. I can still sing the Lite Brite commercial. I know all the words. Anyway, you might be interested in this website:

Cee Cee said...

Okay, we have similiar bad habits! At least we're humble enough to say I'm sorry. I don't call people back either. To be honest, I'm just NOT a telephone lover.

Nice to get to know Amanda better!

Lisa writes... said...

Loved your lists! Bridge jumping?!?! Not the smartest thing, indeed...LOVE "Strong Tower" by Kutless! And AMEN to no stirrup pants!