Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One Down!

I've finally finished the Spring Reading Thing Challenge, which feels really great! I got a lot of reading done and was able to accomplish the goal of getting books off my TBR list...always a plus!I had originally placed 18 books on my list, 16 of which I actually completed, but I did substitute 2 more for the 2 I didn't finish. I also had 3 bonus books, finishing a total of 21 books for that particular challenge. Yay me!

I'm now in the midst of the Summer Reading Challenge 2, which I've pledged to read 11 books for which 2 bonus/alternate books for a total of 13 (already done with 2) I'm also participating in the Non-Fiction 5, which I'm obviously reading 5 books for, with one alternate/bonus selection (done with 1). Starting July 1st is my final challenge, the Book Award Challenge, which requires at least 12 books be read in a year from various award lists. Easy enough!

I obviously love these challenges, mainly because they make me read books I've been wanting to read forever, as well as discover new books and authors. It's a win win situation folks! Plus, if I don't finish something, no one will be knocking on my door to arrest me (will you)?


Becky said...

I'm challenge-happy too. I hope to finish the Spring Reading Challenge by the deadline. Although, I was a bit overzealous in making the list to begin with. I still have around 15 books to finish. The Once Upon A Time challenge ends the same time as the Spring Reading Thing.

But my new/ongoing challenges are:

Dystopian Challenge
Summer Reading Challenge 2
Book Award Challenge
Something About Me Challenge

Deena said...

I read all but two non-fiction titles...which wasn't too bad...just couldn't get into either book.

I've tackled the Christy Challenge, but I think that's gonna be it for me...too many other reading commitments...

Debi said...

Hooray for you, Amanda! I've got no hope of finishing the Spring Reading Thing Challenge or the Once Upon Time Challenge on time. But I'm going to leave the books from my list out to ensure that I do eventually get to them. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the Non-Fiction Five Challenge, the Medical Mystery Challenge, the Southern Reading Challenge, the Newbery Challenge, and the Book Award

Kirsten Murphy said...


How is it that you are able to mark through the book titles you have read?

Kirsten Murphy

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Congratulations! That's a lot of books for the Spring Reading Challenge, you should be very proud. I have resisted joining any challenges this year. I did one last fall and while I enjoyed it, I found that I didn't like having to choose books too far ahead of time. I have realized I'm a very moody kind of reader :)

Great job on these, look forward to seeing what you think of many of them.

Happy Reading!