Tuesday, July 3, 2007

CeeCee made me smile!

I had a fabulous day yesterday. Absolutely fabulous. And it's all thanks to my lovely blogging friend CeeCee from over at Book Splurge. A couple of weeks ago, my name was drawn out of her "hat" for a book giveaway contest, winning me a copy of Gone With the Groom. It was very appropriate, since I had just gotten married a couple of weeks before, so of course, I was already smiling, knowing I won such a perfect book title. Well, the package from Miss CeeCee arrived yesterday and not only did she include the book and a lovely note, but a beautiful bookmark with the Serenity prayer on it and a giftcard to Borders, "just because I'm a bride." I love you CeeCee! Made my week! Not that she ever could have known, but the Serenity prayer holds a lot of meaning to my husband, myself, and my husband's family, and we have it in different locations all over our house, as does many of his family members. It was the perfect little gift...more than I could ever have imagined in that package!!! Now, what to do with the giftcard?? Probably the newest Luanne Rice....maybe my own copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society? Who knows!! Thanks again CeeCee, you're awesome!!!


Debi said...

Aww...how perfectly wonderful!

Cee Cee said...

Very easy to bless you Amanda! You have a big heart.