Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Meme

As usual, Deena over at A Peek At My Bookshelf has come up with a fabulous idea, this one centering around the recent Harry Potter mania. For the next few days she'll post a question a day about our journeys with Harry and his friends. Today's question is as follows (the link above also sends you over to this original post):

Today's question is a two parter, and it's easy: How did you discover Harry Potter, and where were you when Book 7 was released??

I was not fortunate enough to discover Harry right as the first book was published, being a rather reluctant reader of children's lit at that point. I didn't hear much about the first book or the second book, but by the third published novel, I was hearing a lot of buzz about this boy named Harry. Though not very interested in wizards or magic of any kind, I decided that if I was going to be any reader at all, I had to at least check out the first book. From that first page, I was completely hooked on all things Harry Potter. I quickly sped through books one and two, moved on to the newest, and then anxiously awaited books 4, 5, 6, and 7 with everyone else, often having to defend my love of Harry to others. I may be an adult, but I'm still allowed to love him!

On Friday night, when the most anticipated Potter novel hit the shelves, I was in line with the masses at Barnes and Noble in West El Paso. We made a whole date night of it, spending hours in the store before hand and when the first copy was sold we were already in the very long line. It was so much fun to spend the momentous occasion with so many other lovers of the Rowling books, paying homage to our almost 10 year obsession. We wore our "Trust Snape" shirts and were incredibly excited once that book was in our hot little hands! Now we are just having trouble sharing it, though I only have about 70 pages to go and Aaron is on about 260. :-P

Another question from Deena tomorrow!

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Cyndi Rella said...

#1) I was watching the Rosie O'Donnell show and she was gushing over this great new book. I went a bought it but after the first two chapters I didn't like it so I put it down. When the second book came out I sat down and read them both and became an die-hard Harry Potter nerd.
#2) I ditched my sister who came from Ohio to get the book and didn't stop reading for the next 14 hours. I didn't sleep at all Friday night but it was worth it.