Monday, July 30, 2007

HP Meme, Week 2 Question 1

Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't finished Book 7, don't read any further!!!

We've had a lot of fun playing along with Deena last week, but without all the fun stuff from Book 7. Well this week is dedicated just to that, so make sure you stop reading this post if you haven't finished reading The Deathly Hallows. On to the question of the day...

So, on to Book 7, "The Deathly Hallows"...first and foremost, are you satisfied with the entire series as a whole? And second, what one thing surprised you the most about book 7?

I have been satisfied completely with the series as a whole and am so glad I found it all those years ago. There were parts where I was super critical (the epilogue of Book 7), but I think any true reader that devours books as I do, has a tendency to be critical. I loved reading each book over and over again and discovering new things each time I read it. I was very satisfied and though sad it has come to an end, I realize that all good things must end or we won't appreciate them nearly as much.

The part of book 7 that surprised me the most and probably the plot point that I am most critical of was the deaths of Tonks and Lupin. I felt that unnecessary and almost mean to do, simply for the fact that Harry had to grow up without parents and now, yet another young boy will be forced into never knowing his parents either. I didn't like that, but hey, I'm not the writer! It did surprise me that she took that route, but I'm sure she had her reasons.

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Amanda said...

Good post. I know everyone was critical of the epilogue but I kinda liked it! I liked that not everything was so neatly wrapped. It was a little pat but the idea, to me, was that Harry got back what Voldy stole. I do agree that the Lupin Tonks thing was sad. But I wonder if it was a circle-of-life kinda thing, another orphan because of Voldemort?

Here's my review:

Cee Cee said...

Interesting statement: Everything must come to an end or we won't appreciate it much.

Sad but true!