Thursday, July 26, 2007

HP Question 3

Question 3 from Miss Deena, regarding our favorite boy wizard:

So, let's chat about our favorite magical creatures, shall we?? Feel free to name more than one. And while we're at it, which animal would YOU have brought to Hogwarts??

Well I have 2 favorite creatures. Anything to do with herbology and I'm there, simply because everything the kids would have to work with was incredibly cool. I don't even like to garden in my real world, but in HP world, Herbology creatures would be all me!

My second favorite creature would have been Norbert, Hagrid's dragon baby. That was one of the first things to intrigue me about this whole HP thing and Aaron and I ended up naming our first bearded dragon lizard Norbert after him. Now we all know our pet's name wasn't exactly appropriate...HP 7 revealed a little more about the long-since-mentioned Norbert!

I would have brought an owl like most students, mainly because I think it is a very cool concept to have an owl as a messenger. I think I would have enjoyed a black spotted owl with bright yellow eyes, graced with a very strong and heroic name, of which I can't really think of right now hehe.

More questions to come!

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