Thursday, July 26, 2007

HP Question 4

The latest Harry Potter question from Deena is:

So, which teacher would you most like to have, and which classes would you like to have on your course schedule? I'm bending the rules on this one...teacher and class don't have to match from the stories...we can play mix and match!!

Oh, I want to take it all! Well maybe not all I suppose...but here's my wishlist! I would definitely want Herbology with Professor Grubblyplank (if my spelling is off, my apologies, spell check isn't helping me here!), Transfiguration with McGonagall, definitely a Defense Against the Dark Arts, preferably with someone new, I haven't enjoyed any of the previous professors. Charms would be very cool, as would Potions, and best of all, Care of Magical Creatures. I would definitely be in that class and if you saw my house with all my weird pets, you would know why! The newest addition is an albino corn snake named Ginger!

This is so much fun! Thanks Deena!

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