Saturday, July 28, 2007

HP Question 5

Deena's questions are still going strong! Here's #5:

What is it about Harry that has such a hold on us? What is it about the series that appeals like no other? There are more detailed, more intricately woven, more authentic series out there...but none like Harry Potter...why?

I think the big "thing" about Mr. Harry Potter is that he is not only an intricate character in an incredibly original plotline, but he is also so much fun! His friends are all relatable characters, even though they have been given magical abilities. The courses Harry takes at Hogwarts are nothing like we've ever heard of, making them devourable within the book. The creatures mentioned are extremely cool and make us want a whole new realm of animals for pets. Yes, there are other books out there that have characters with magical powers, dragons, cool potions, and evil villians, but none quite like Harry. The Tolkien books are incredibly intense and Harry just isn't. Not in that way at least. A reader can go through these books with a smile on their face, but tears in their eyes and that is what is so magical about Harry Potter.

Second of all, favorite scenes from the books?? Come on, I know you have some! But please, no spoilers just yet!! Some are still reading, poor souls:-) LOL!!

I love the scenes in the first book that introduce Harry, and us as readers, to Hogwarts and the wizard world in general. We get to learn, through Harry's eyes, what courses are required, what animals are common, what spells are a must, and what an amazing place the Great Hall is. I also loved the different games and races in The Goblet of Fire, and the trips into the Pensieve in The Half-Blood Prince.

Another question later!

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