Sunday, July 29, 2007

HP Question 6

This was definitely a hard one for me!

You knew this one was coming--favorite good, one not so good. Who is in your Harry Potter hall of fame, and hall of shame??

-My favorite character, if I have to name just one, was probably Luna Lovegood. She was so misunderstood, but such a wonderful and strong character. Once she was introduced, she stuck by Harry, no matter the consequences and always kept me entertained. My favorite part about the newest movie was the casting of Luna... she was just fantastic! Books and movie alike, Luna is flighty, flaky, spacey, and completely lovable.

-I think my favorite "despised" character, was Dolores Umbridge. That woman was just plain evil. I got goosebumps as I read about the horrible task Harry had to perform during his detentions and all the crazy ways she tried to prevent the kids from creating Dumbledore's Army. That woman was the best "bad guy" to ever grace the HP pages!

Play along with us! It all got started over at Deena''s not too late to play!

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Fleiger said...

Though I like Dumbledore (and Book 7 made me like him a lot more, by showing his "human" side), I think I would vote for Hermione. The simple reason is that she is the character I most identify with (books contain all the knowledge :D)

Hall of Shame? Well, perhaps Umbridge. She continues to be evil in all books. Though I think Fudge comes a close second, missing the top spot by his inaction.

I am living out obvious characters like Harry and Riddle.

As you said, Luna is superb in the movie. I personally would love to hear her commenteer the quiddich match in book 6.