Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HP Spoiler Week, Question 2

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!
Spoiler Alert!!!
Spoiler Alert!!!

So, how did it hit you? Did you weep, sob, get angry?? Did your favorites survive, or did they become casualties of JK's mighty pen??

I expected Snape to die and was pretty sure I would prove myself right as I read through the 7th book. I felt that it was an honorable and justified death and Professor Snape couldn't have ended the Potter books on a better note. I was sobbing at that point in the novel (among many others). I also had bets going that Neville would die avenging his parents and I was obviously wrong on that one. I figured he would be the one to kill off Bellatrix, but Mrs. Weasley did an awesome job of that!

I was quite upset at the death of Hedwig and knew that if something like that happen so early on, we were in for a crazy ride. When Mad-Eye perished I was surprised, but not quite as emotionally attached so it was alright. I absolutely lost it when Fred died. I really thought the Weasley's would be "safe" after George's ear was lobbed off!

The only deaths that I wasn't really ok with were those of Tonks and Lupin, as I explained yesterday. If Rowling isn't going to be writing anymore books in the series, I didn't think it was fair to leave another child parent-less. Someone had made a comment on my posting yesterday, saying that maybe things were coming full circle...which is an excellent point, but it still made me depressed for poor Teddy!


Deena said...

I agreed with you that Tonks and Lupin were both senseless deaths. I've read interviews with Jo and she says she did it to further illustrate the heartlessness of Voldemort and his followers, that yet another child is orphaned...

Don't quote me, but I can sense a new series in Teddy Lupin...but I've been wrong before!

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soleil said...

i was coming here to comment about her interview and deena beat me to it :)
what deena said plus jkr also said that it was to illustrate how things had changed as well. although teddy was raised by his grandmother as neville was, he had his godfather and the other order members to visit with and grow up with.
yeah, it was really sad but it does come full circle and war is senseless. but all the deaths are hard to take. i'm just glad that mr. weasley got the reprieve he did in book five. she said that originally he was slated to die in book five but she couldn't bear to do it once it came time to write so another father had to die.