Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Harry Potter time!

As soon as work lets out today, it's off to El Paso for our evening of Harry Potter! I already held a Harry Potter movie marathon in the children's room today and I'm now ready and greatly anticipating having that book in my little hands. Aaron and I are planning to stop at B&N around 6:30 and pick up our wristbands that get us into the "pre-order" line, then head over to PF Chang's for some of our favorite food. Gotta love that place! Lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef, YUM! Then it's Harry Potter madness back at B&N. We're very excited and acting like 10 year olds today. Nothing wrong with that I don't think! I hope everyone else that is planning on participating in some form of festivities has a great time. And let's pray that someone doesn't ruin it for us all by looking at the back of the book and yelling out the ending. That just wouldn't be good. Happy Reading this weekend folks!


Deena said...

Hey Amanda...when you get back, pop by my blog, k??

Fleiger said...

Well, I am hoping that everybody values their lives enough not to anger a large crowd by shouting the ending ;)

Annemarie said...

We love Harry!