Saturday, July 21, 2007

Picture Book Saturday!

Even with all of my Harry Potter reading, I'm still making some time for Picture Book Saturday!! I read a bunch of great books this week, but I'll keep the reviews to three this weekend. We'll start with a book that is probably already well loved amongst some readers, but I just discovered it this week and got a big kick out of it. My hubby enjoyed it too and that definitely means it's a keeper!

Porcupining: A Love Story, by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Janie Bynum, was so cute. Really, really cute. A porcupine in a petting zoo just isn't a good idea in the first place and the main character in this story happens to be just that. Due to his prickly nature, he is not visited by zoo guests very often and is therefore very lonely. When he decides he would very much like a wife, he sets off to find another member at the zoo to fill that role. He tries out a lot of different animals, without much luck, but in the end, finds his one true love.

The story in itself was adorable, but the best part of the entire book was the lonesome song the porcupine would sing. His "pining" song if you will. It was very cute and definitely made this book a must read-out-loud. Aaron "sung" the song parts with me, which made it a lot of fun.

Next we have a new book to our library shelves, Delilah D at the Library, by Jeanne Wilson, illustrated by Rosie Reeve. This fun book is very reminiscent of the Fancy Nancy books, which was rather surprising. Little Miss Delilah very much enjoys the library and going there with her French nanny, but enjoys it in her own way. She is living with almost a princess mentality and sometimes goes overboard with her expectations of the librarian and her bending of library rules. For example, Delilah wants to be served cupcakes while in the library and be allowed to eat them as she pleases, not realizing that cupcakes may not exactly belong in a library. As I said, very much like Fancy Nancy, where Nancy goes a little overboard trying to make normal life "fancy."

This was a cute story that also included lessons that focused on library etiquette...good for any child. Kids will have fun learning about what mischief Delilah is getting into as each page turns.

Finally, for this week our last selection is the newest Lauren Child book, But Excuse Me, That is MY Book. Charlie and Lola are at it again in this latest adventure which surrounds favorite book choices of Lola. Little Lola has a very favorite book at the library and insists on going to check it out. When they get to the library, Lola is heartbroken (and a little mad) that her book has already been taken by another little girl. Lola wants nothing to do with any of the other book suggestions Charlie makes and only is focused on the book she wants.

This book was typical Lauren Child and typical Lola and Charlie, which is of course, a charming combination. The illustrations were vibrant, as usual, and I enjoyed this latest installment very much. If you have yet to pick up a Lauren Child book, run out and do that immediately!


Becky said...

I love Charlie and Lola and this is one of my favorites since it is book-related.

I hope to read Delilah D. At the Library soon. I keep seeing it pop up, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet.

I generally have a soft spot for library-related Library Lion. And Beatrice Doesn't Want To.

I'm so glad you made time for picture book Saturday, it's something I really look forward to.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I loved Porcupining. I found it while looking for children's picture books to review. Here's the link if you're interested.