Saturday, July 28, 2007

Picture Book Saturday!

I've been reading away this week and have some great picture book reviews for you this afternoon!

Faucet Fish by Fay Robinson was very cute. Elizabeth, a very curious young girl, loves fish. She spends days at the aquarium and all of her free time reading books about fish. Her parents, boring as they are, will only let her have a boring guppy, even after she begs and pleads. One morning, Elizabeth turns on the faucet in the bathroom and out pops a trout! Elizabeth is so excited! She gets more and more flabbergasted, as every time she turns on the faucet, out comes another fish. She certainly gets her wish of owning more fish! Unfortunately, Elizabeth begins running out of room to keep all the new fish and her parents are too busy to even notice what is going on. When a baby whale crashes into the kitchen, Elizabeth knows she's in trouble!

The story is funny and lighthearted and the illustrations, done by Wayne Anderson are a perfect fit with the plot. I think little kids will get a big kick out of this book!

My next book of the week is another fish based book. I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean written and illustrated by Kevin Sherry was one of most adorable books I've read this year. The giant squid believes he is the biggest thing in the ocean. Page after page he lists exactly what he is bigger than and he is indeed quite big! When the giant squid encounters a giant whale, he's not so sure he's the biggest anymore.

Oh this was cute! The illustrations are fantastic. Nice and bold, plenty of bright colors to keep the eye moving. This was a laugh out loud book! A definite recommendation!

Finally, we have Watermelon Wishes by Lisa Moser, illustrated by Stacey Schuett. Charlie and his Grandpap decide to spend their summer together growing watermelons. They know all the rules to growing the delicious fruit and are all set to start their season. Grandpap is confused though. What exactly is this wishing watermelon Charlie keeps speaking about? Charlie keeps Grandpap guessing his wish all summer and doesn't fill him in until they are both taking nice bites of their fresh, homegrown watermelon!

This book is great to read with toddlers and grade school kids. They will definitely be shouting out what they think Charlie's wish is and will be excited to find the answer at the end of the story.

Until next week!


Becky said...

Those books look great! I'll have to watch for them at my library :)

Debi said...

Oh, we're headed off to the library this morning...perhaps we can find some of these. Thanks Amanda!

Amanda said...

I'm glad I gave you both some good suggestions!

cipriano said...

You make me want to read these books.
And I am ancient. An old crustacean!
Thank you for this.