Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down

I'm falling in love with these books, I just can't help it! The first book, I wasn't quite sure about simply because it included so many different plot aspects and so many characters. I liked it enough to try the second book and as Deena from A Peek At My Bookshelf told me I would be, I'm hooked!

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down is the second in a much loved series by Neta Jackson. In this installment, the main plot is based on a crazed heroin addict robbing the prayer group at knife point while they are meeting at Jodi's home. The rest of the book is about different forms of understanding and ultimate forgiveness. Jodi is also still getting over the trauma of her car accident, played out in book 1 of the series, and racial prejudice takes a strong hold over the plot as well.

As in the first book, real situations dominate the writing by Jackson. All of the tragic happenings, as well as the joyful ones, could really happen to women in this world and the reader is shown how an extremely diverse group of Christian women handle and ultimately overcome the situations. A lot of arguing, guilt, and genuine love is in these women and it is lovely to read a story about them when the story could very well be happening in our own lives. I also love the Scripture choices and always run to my Bible when I read one, wanting to look it up on my own. I know, via Deena again, that the last book in the series is about to be published, so I'm going to take my time with the books. Maybe one a month, we'll see. I love them and want them to last!

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Cee Cee said...

You will love every single installment. I'm reading book #5. Happy reading!