Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anne of Green Gables

I was in the mood for a little classic reading, so I quickly picked up an old favorite. I'm typically not a fan of "classics" in the general meaning, but when they are fun and light, as Anne very much is, I enjoy the book and speed through it. I hadn't visited this book in quite some time, so I was glad to read it again and remember everything I loved about Green Gables.

Anne of Green Gables was written by L.M. Montgomery back in the early 1900's. It begins with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert making the decision to adopt a boy from an orphanage, in order to help with the work around the farm. When Matthew goes to retrieve the boy from the train station, he is shocked to discover 11 year old Anne. Red headed and blue eyed, Anne was sent for the Cuthbert's instead of a boy. After much discussion the couple decide to keep and raise Anne, without really knowing what they are in for.

Young Anne is incredibly curious, precocious, and an absolute motormouth. She has a tendency to make silly mistakes such as dying her hair green, sending her best friend home drunk off wine when she thought she was serving cordial, and falling off the roof. She tries very hard to please the Cuthbert's and as much trouble as she is, they grow to love her as their own child. The reader gets to experience Anne and her adventures over the course of 5 years, each more imaginative and adventurous than the last.

I really love this story and am looking forward to reading the sequels that were subsequently written. I've never read past Anne of Green Gables and believe this would be a good time to see where else the author takes the red head. This is a classic that will live on for many years, enjoyed by many.


Becky said...

Anne has been a special favorite of mine for years. Probably since junior high. My sister technically owned all things Montgomery. But I would read them over and over and over again. And let's just say I had a *big* crush on Gilbert.

I do encourage you to read the rest in the series. I enjoyed them all.

Amy said...

It was funny to stumble upon this review of yours because lately I have been longing to reread this series. I can't remember how far I read into it last time, but I'm thinking I finished it. Ah well, If I can't remember I definitely need to read them again!

Faith said...

If you've never read past the first book, you really do have to read the others. They're as delightful as Anne.

And if you like a little bit more darkness in with the sunshine, try the Emily books by the same author. They're wonderful.