Thursday, August 9, 2007

Criss Cross

When I signed up for the Book Awards Challenge, I was really looking forward to catching up on a lot of Newbery winners that I just haven't gotten to in the last few years. The first book I read, the 6th HP novel, was a reread and as fantastic as ever. My second selection however....a whole other story. Maybe I'm just blind, but I didn't get the point of the story whatsoever. I didn't understand the journeys the characters were supposedly taking and I certainly don't understand why this book won a Newbery. I like to think that as an obsessive reader I can gauge different depths within a story, but this one just went waaay over my head. Maybe one of my blogger friends (Becky perhaps :-) could explain it to me!

Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins, focuses on two central characters, while revolving between a multitude of secondary characters. Debbie and Harry, both 14 years old, feel like they are meant to be more. Debbie wishes to be another person completely and Harry simply feels as if he is unfinished somehow. Both do some deep soul searching while Harry learns to play the guitar and Debbie loses a precious locket, which is then passed around by different characters in the book.

The story is told in small vignettes and at times poems with small pictures often thrown in. I just didn't get it and it's driving me nuts!! I have never run across an award winning book that I was so confused as to why it won the award. I have often disagreed with award choices, my own opinion of course, but this one...this one I just was utterly confused. Again, if you "got" the book and you understood it...and even liked it, fill me in please. At any rate, book #2 of the Book Award Challenge is complete.


Becky said...

Amanda: You're not alone. Believe me. Trust me. No one I know of quite knows why this one won an award. I picked it up probably in January--trying to do the same thing--read recent Newbery winners--but after thirty or forty pages. I just gave up completely. I saw no reason to waste my time. (And I hardly ever give up on a book.) Anyway, I'd like to have it "explained" to me as well. I'd like to see someone justify why this was 'the best' book of that year. It's just laughable really.

3M said...

Interesting. I have a goal to eventually read all of the Newberys so maybe someday I'll get to it.

I'm beginning to think some of these award winners are a case of The Emperor's New Clothes.

3M said...

Here's someone else's take on it: