Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Leaving Fishers

After having read most of The Shadow Children series, as well as Running Out of Time, this selection by Margaret Peterson Haddix was a little disappointing. Not quite as thrilling or suspenseful as her other books, Leaving Fishers was more generalized fiction, which is just fine... only not what I've come to expect from this amazing author.

Dorry feels like an outcast at her new school. She doesn't have any friends and no one seems interested in even remotely getting to know her. When Angela, a girl very popular in her own small clique of friends, approaches Dorry and gets her to sit with them at lunch, Dorry is thrilled, if not a little confused. Why her? As the lunch period passes, Dorry learns that Angela and her friends are members of a strong religious group called The Fishers of Men and are interested in getting Dorry to join. At first, Dorry is very skeptical, having never been interested in religion before, but after attending some events and church services, she begins to think she may belong in Fishers after all.

As time passes, Dorry is asked to perform specific tasks for Fishers in order to get in "God's good graces," tasks that are incredibly difficult and often require her to push her family away from her, such as fasting during Thanksgiving. If the tasks are not completed, Dorry is deemed a failure by Angela and must repent immediately. Things with Fishers begin to get more and more intense and pretty soon Dorry feels trapped, only wanting to get her old life back.

I did enjoy the book and felt it was very well written, it simply wasn't very "suspenseful." However, it's possible the author didn't mean for this book to be a novel of suspense, as her others have been, so it could quite possibly have been a success in that. Dorry does, in the end, being to love the real God, not the God that the Fishers have presented. That made me happy and I was overall, very satisfied with this read.

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Susan said...

This sounds interesting. Does Haddix usually write about God/religion? I've never read anything by her.