Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Lightning Thief

Well it's official. I have fallen in love with Percy Jackson. Sorry Aaron, I know we've only been married a few months, but you've been replaced by a 12 year old fictional character. Haha, I loved this book! As so many of you knew I would, I have become utterly addicted to the Percy Jackson books and I've only just begun. I cannot wait to get to the 2nd and will probably devour it just as fast as I did the first!

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, is the first in his "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series. It all begins with 12 year old Percy Jackson at his boarding school for troubled kids. Throughout the beginning of the novel, Percy slowly discovers his true heritage and the reason why things haven't gone right for most of his life. Percy's mother is a normal human being, but his father is Poseidon, God of the Sea. Percy is a Half-Blood and because of a current war between the Gods, he is in incredible danger. Percy, with the help of who he thought was his Greek mythology teacher, begins training at Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp (and year-round camp for some) of children of Gods. He then is sent on a quest to retrieve a possession of Zeus's before the entire world is taken over by a war of the Gods. With his companions, Grover, a young satyr, and Annabeth, Athena's daughter, Percy learns more about being a Half-Blood than he ever thought he would and learns a lot about himself along the way. This book is filled with action...tons of monster attacks and for a Greek mythology lover like myself, it was a great match of youth fiction and great myths. I had a blast reading it!

Honestly, I can say that this is some of the best fiction I've read in a long time. I know Percy Jackson has been compared to Harry Potter in many ways and I can certainly see why. Both boys are on a constant quest with their friends, to save lives and to find their own true identities. I am very surprised that these novels have not gotten bigger than they are. I know that in our blogging circle they are very popular, but I have never heard children at my library refer to them and as of now, that's going to change! I can't wait to spread the word about Percy!


Becky said...

So glad it's official. I had hoped you would. Percy is just so so so much fun. I really can't praise Riordan enough. :) I had the chance to see Riordan speak last November. During his speech, he talked about how the series came to be. It all started as a story he was making up to his son for a bedtime story. I don't know how far into the story was...when he got the idea to write it down. Anyway, another cute thing he said was that his kids are the first readers of his books. :) Anyway, he was a teacher at the time. I believe he taught at his son's school. And some of the teachers in the books were his coworkers. So the names are real even if the personalities behind them aren't. Anyway, I guess I've rambled long enough :)

Fleiger said...

Now that HP series is over, I was looking for similar books... Looks like I will have to check this out soon.

Susan said...

I just saw these books listed in Family Fun magazine as something to read after HP. I haven't read my HP book yet - gasp! - but I'm planning to read this book after HP. Thanks for the recommendation!

Jen Robinson said...

So glad you've joined the Percy fanclub. I love those books.

Deena said...

Ok, so you're in love with Percy Jackson...and I'll admit, he's cool.

But have you discovered Leven Thumps?? I am devouring the first volume and have ordered the entire series:-)

I think I've found MY new Harry Potter:-)