Saturday, August 18, 2007

Picture Book Saturday!

Since the husband and I are about to take a quick ride to Tucson to pick up a friend from the airport (4 hours each way...I guess that could be qualified as quick...maybe) I only have two picture book reviews for you this week. Both are new to the shelves at my library and I enjoyed both throughly. Hopefully you will too!

Badger's Fancy Meal is both written and illustrated by Keiko Kasza. It has delightfully bright pages, which originally pulled me to choose the book, and a very cute story to match.

Badger has plenty of apples, carrots, and roots in his den, but what he really wants is a fancy meal. He decides to go after three equally delicious meals: a mole taco, a rat burger, and a very fancy rabbit-banana split. Unfortunately for Badger, he misses out on all three, not being quite quick enough to catch the animals he needs to make the dishes. When he makes his way back to the den, he finds a note from the mole, the rat, and the rabbit, thanking him for the lovely dinner of carrots, roots, and apples. Badger decides that from then on he'll just stick to his normal, "un-fancy" diet. A very cute and funny ending!

Besides being a very cute story that kids will get a kick out of, I really did enjoy the beautiful illustrations. Kasza created great pictures that include a small picture of what is happening back at his den while Badger is out chasing prey. It will make kids feel sneaky and cunning to know what is happening to the pursuer of little animals. Overall, a great book.

The Wonderful Thing About Hiccups, written by CeCe Meng and illustrated by Janet Pederson, was another very cute story. Though the title doesn't give it away, the story line actually focuses on the best way to NOT treat a library book. It was very amusing and quite funny.

The story begins with a major case of the hiccups, while at the local library. As the plot progresses, we learn that the narrator wants her own library card, but a big stack of books must be returned on time first, creating a very adventurous book etiquette story. A hippo is involved, as is an ice cream truck and a librarian very afraid of heights. This silly book will have kids laughing all the way through.

The illustrations are great and the story line is very goofy, making for a perfect fit for kids. The book also teaches some rules on how to treat a library book, which is always a nice touch.

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