Friday, August 17, 2007

The Sound of Munich

This is another edition to the Students Across the Seven Seas series, which I am throughly enjoying. Each of these books are about a young woman finding out more about herself than she ever thought possible, while spending a semester of high school overseas.

In The Sound of Munich, which is written by Suzanne Nelson, Siena, a granola loving, free spirit from California, wins a scholarship to spend a semester in Munich, Germany. She is especially excited about this, because her father (who died when she was very young) had relatives from Germany. She felt strongly about learning more about her past while she was studying in the foreign city.

While in Germany, Siena meets a love interest in her resident advisor (a definite no-no), finds two brand new best friends, and sets out on a mission to meet the man that smuggled her father and grandparents across the Berlin Wall. Siena learns more about her family and her own self worth than ever before and has a blast doing so.

The Sound of Munich is very much like the other books in the S.A.S.S. series. A small bit of romance, a lot of soul searching, and a ton of information about foreign places. I feel like I'm visiting them myself, through the high school students' eyes. This was good read, which I would recommend for anyone looking for something quick and light.

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