Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have read some reviews about this book and most weren't thrilled with Spinelli's story. I, of course, had to find out for myself and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I really enjoyed this book, as unrealistic as it may be and once I was finished, was quite glad that I read it.

Stargirl, written by Jerry Spinelli, follows Leo, an ordinary student at Mica High School. Everyone at Mica is ordinary. Normal by most people's standards. When Stargirl, a new student at Mica, shows up and is anything but ordinary, no one knows how to react. Is she for real? Is she a plant at the school to mix things up? Is she an alien? Leo is incredibly intrigued by Stargirl and as the school year progresses, the pair end up as a couple. Leo is pretty much ok with Stargirl's "differences" until the entire school starts to shun them. When Leo becomes an outcast as well, he asks Stargirl to do the unthinkable. Be normal. This changes everything and the outcome is anything but what Leo could expect.

The story of Leo and Stargirl was not exactly realistic. Though I haven't been in high school for quite awhile, I know that if someone is a complete outcast, as Stargirl certainly was, a normal, almost geeky boy like Leo probably would not be keen on making himself known as the one who befriended the weirdo. Kids want to fit in, no matter how much they deny it. However, I do think the story was sweet and I think the character of Stargirl was very refreshing. I look forward to reading the sequel once it's published.


Kailana said...

I am not sure if I want to read this or not. Some people like and some people don't.

Stephanie said...

Oh...I really liked this book! May not have been realistic, but I think it should be. More jr. high and high schoolers should read this book!