Tuesday, August 7, 2007


My lovely, sweet husband bought this book for me when it first came out, but I am just now getting around to picking it up off my shelf. It was typical Karen Kingsbury, which was a good thing I guess. I have to say though, as much as I love the Baxter family and that series, I'm getting a little tired of Dayne and Katie. I thought since the last series (Fame, Forever, etc.) was based on them, this new one would take a different direction, but I guess not. And that's ok, not complaining, just a little tired of the same ol' stuff you know? I still love Karen's books, I just am looking for something else. Something a little meatier, like Divine. I loved that one and it was definitely meaty!

In Sunrise, Dayne and Katie are finally engaged and attempting to plan a wedding while eluding the paparazzi. Much easier said than done, as they have had to make extremely secretive plans with a lucrative Hollywood wedding planner to keep things quiet. Katie is also wrestling with the idea of becoming an actress in a big movie, opposite Dayne. Always wanting to stay out of the limelight, Katie has to do some serious soul searching to decide if she should follow her dreams and thrust herself into that same limelight she wants to stay out of. While all of this is going on John Baxter and his friend Elaine's friendship continues to grow stronger and they try to figure out if either are ready for an actual relationship to begin. Cody Coleman, living with Katie and the Flanigans, relapses and must use the love of the Lord to work through his alcoholism. A lot going on in this book!

What I love about Karen Kingsbury is that she doesn't "tiptoe" around the fact that she is a Christian author. She blatantly puts it out there on almost every, single page, having her characters pray or talk about the power of God in one's life. I love that! The one thing I don't love is that most of her recent books have been parts of a series and they are published so close together that they tend to get a little repetitive. I'm looking forward to the stand alone novel she has coming out this fall. Overall this was a good book and if you enjoy Kingsbury, I recommend picking it up. If you have never read her before I recommend starting with the Redemption series, just so you'll know who all the characters are.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Good review :) I'm currently in the middle of the Firstborn series, after having fallen in love with the Redemption series. I'm going to wait until she finishes this Sunrise series before I start them - I don't like to wait, LOL! I'm a little disappointed that they are all about Dayne and Katy. Like you, I assumed the new series would be about something else, since these Firstborn ones seem to revolve around them.

Thanks for the review!