Sunday, September 23, 2007

At Home in Mitford, Read the Author #1

I have wanted to read Jan Karon's much loved Mitford series for some time now, but just never got around to it. The Read the Author Challenge was the perfect opportunity to finally pick up these books that everyone seems to love and rave about. I know that this particular series of Karon's has come to a close, but someone mentioned a new series which debuts next month. Hopefully I'll like all the books in the series as much as this one and will want to read the newest series too! One down, a whole bunch to go!

At Home in Mitford introduces the reader to the quirky cast of characters that Jan Karon created. At the focus of the novel is Father Tim, priest at The Lord's Chapel and a perennial bachelor. Father Tim is joined by lovable secretary Emma, a huge dog that behaves only when quoted Scriptures, an 11 year old boy with a horrible mouth, his new housekeeper Puny, and a myriad of other lively and very interesting people (to say the least).

In this first book, Father Tim must deal with several issues that have made their way into his life. A very attractive single woman moves next door, with a cat no less, stolen jewels are found in the church, and he is diagnosed with diabetes resulting in his giving up of every food he has ever enjoyed. All through this, Father Tim keeps a positive attitude, always thanking the Lord for what he has been given, and trying to find viable solutions for every problem.

I loved this book and often found myself chuckling at the silly dog, Father Tim's reactions to his new experiences, and Dooley's antics. The town and it's people are lovable and smile inducing. I think I picked a great author for this challenge!


Becky said...

If I was an organized person, I would put this one on my "first in a series" list that I should start compiling for the 2008 challenge that is coming up. It does look good, and I have always wanted to read it. :)

Verbivore said...

Thanks for the review and the introduction to these books - sounds like you are going to enjoy the rest of this challenge!