Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Christy Miller Books 1-3

I love this series! I needed some good Christian, young adult fiction to start my week and this was just the thing! The books were sweet, not preachy, and were short enough for me to read all three in just an afternoon. Robin Jones Gunn is a great author for adults and I was very pleased with this work for younger readers.

Summer Promise introduces the reader to 14 year old Christy Miller. She heads to Newport Beach, California from Wisconsin to spend the summer with her wealthy aunt and uncle. Her Aunt Marti is incredibly generous in buying Christy all the coolest clothes and helping her get a brand new hair-do. Christy meets some new friends on the beach, including cute surfer Todd, who is also a Christian and starts to have a fabulous summer. Throughout the summer, Christy begins to realize who she really is and who she wants to be.

A Whisper and a Wish begins with the news that Christy's family has had to sell their farm in Wisconsin and have decided to move to California. Christy is totally excited with the idea that she may be able to see her beach friends on a regular basis, until she learns that they are actually going to be living over an hour away and she has to start all over again with making friends. Christy actually makes a couple of good, Christian friends right away, but sneaking out at night leaves them with a trip to the police station. Christy is left with the idea that she doesn't know who her real friends are and begins questioning her new-found faith in God.

Finally, in Yours Forever, Christy is back spending time at her Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob's at the beach for Christmas. Todd is spending time at the beach as well and Christy hopes that this is their chance to get closer. A strange turn of events leave Christy and Aunt Marti no longer speaking and Todd giving her the cold shoulder. Why would God let her life get so messed up? Christy tries to slowly work things out, while also trying to stay true to her faith.

These books were fantastic and I'm looking forward to reading the next books in the series. Robin Jones Gunn did a great job with the Christy books and I recommend parents and teens alike to read them. They were excellent for talking about a new Christian with regular teen problems and how she deals with them, while remaining close with the Lord.