Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This book has been on my TBR list forever and I'm so glad I finally got to it. Though a little unrealistic, it was very satisfying!

Crossroads by Nancy Moser is a story of self-redemption. Madeline Weaver is rich, old and tired. She is also heartbroken that her town is failing and vows to do something about that. She drastically buys up all the property in town and places ads in newspapers and on television all over the United States, offering up free houses and businesses, searching for the perfect residents to revitalize her town.

Among the people that apply and are chosen as residents, there are a Jewish couple from Arizona, a stuck up banker and her family from Manhattan, and a family trying to get over the death of their daughter and sister. With each family and within the town there are buried secrets which slowly make themselves known, putting every character in Moser's book at the ultimate crossroads.

I really didn't find the concept of this story realistic, but it was quite enjoyable. I have always enjoyed the writing of Nancy Moser and this book was no exception. The characters were very real and well described, as was the beautiful, quaint setting of Weaver, Kansas.

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Debi said...

This sounds really interesting. Might have to add it to the "someday" list. And you're right, a book doesn't necessarily need to be realistic to be enjoyable.