Sunday, September 9, 2007


Defect by Will Weaver, is an intense story about a high school boy that was born with several different birth defects. His face is misshapen and he just happens to have wings under his arms, allowing him to glide from high places down to the ground. David keeps that part of his body a secret, not wanting anyone to ever know what he can do and how he can do it. He lives with a foster family and is eventually asked to leave his public high school because he is a disturbance to the other kids. Mainly, they pick on him and he stands up for himself. When David starts at an alternative school, he meets Cheetah, the first girl to ever be interested in him and the first person he's ever met that isn't bothered by her own defects. Cheetah helps David slowly become brave enough to let his secret out and helps him when he is suddenly under everyone's microscope.

This was a fantastic story and one that all high school students should read. David is an incredibly character and while reading his story I often felt as if I knew him. I was very impressed at the maturity of the story and the way it was written for even younger kids, 12 or 13, to understand and enjoy. Will Weaver is an excellent writer and one that should quickly write another book for me to read!


Andi said...

Gah! I tried to get this book from PopMatters for a review, but for some reason the book never arrived. I'll certainly have to land a copy on my own now.

Booklogged said...

You make this sound so good. I'm going to have to get a copy for my daughter and myself. Thanks for the terrific review. I'm always looking for great YA reads.