Thursday, September 6, 2007


Spoiler Alert!! This post may spoil secrets from Inkheart, the book before this one. Don't read any further if you have plans to read that one!

Meggie, Mo, Resa, Elinor, and all the others are all getting used to life again after their discovery of the power of Inkheart and the reading aloud ability that both Meggie and Mo possess. Their encounters and subsequent imprisonment by Capricorn are nothing but bad memories and Meggie is learning to love having her mother around just as much as does Mo. Unfortunately, when Farid, a friend of the family from the previous book, arrives at Elinor's house with news that Dustfinger had a man read him back into the InkWorld, Meggie and Farid devise a plan to go after him. Using the paper that had been read to send Dustfinger back, Meggie reads herself and Farid into the story.

The dangers that Farid and Meggie face are enormous and incredibly exciting for the reader. Meggie is entranced with the Ink World, not quite believing she is finally there after hearing so many wonderful stories from her mother. When she finally realizes that her parents have come after her and the the danger that is being faced Mo and Resa, Meggie has to figure out a way to save Dustfinger, Farid, and her family and the cliff hanger at the end will have you itching for more.

The sequel to Inkheart was not quite as exciting to me as the first book, but I did still have a good time reading it and look forward to more from Cornelia Funke. The description of the Ink World and everyone/thing in it is beautiful and makes a reader like myself want to be there too! I can certainly see the appeal to Meggie and Farid! If you've read Inkheart, you'll enjoy Inkspell as well.


Annemarie said...

Go Inkheart and Inspell!!!!

xxlil.ladyxx said...

I love the books and enjoy both, the plots in both were absolutely brilliant and catching! does anyone know what the third book is?