Monday, September 3, 2007

New Challenge!!!

I just learned of a great new challenge hosted by Incurable Logophilia via Becky's Book Reviews and can't wait to get started. It's titled the Reading the Author Challenge and runs through December. You just pick an author and read at least three of their books in the challenge. Easy enough for me!

My author is going to be Jan Karon, author of the infamous Mitford novels. I started the first book in the series a couple of years ago, but with classes and working three jobs, I just couldn't get into them at the time. Now I'm reading. I'll be reading all nine books in the series:

At Home in Mitford
Light From Heaven
These High, Green Hills
Out to Canaan
A New Song
A Common Life
In This Mountain
Shepard's Abiding
Light from Heaven

Can't wait to get started!


Debi said...

That does sound like a fun challenge! Wish I could fit it in...

verbivore said...

Glad to "meet" you and welcome to the challenge! I'm definitely looking forward to your reviews as I've never heard of Jan Karon before.

Also - I see that you have Three Junes on your Book Awards Reading Challenge list (I'm also doing that challenge). This is one of my favorite books so I'd be interested to see what you think.

Becky said...

So glad you're joining in on the fun, Amanda. I look forward to reading your reviews--like always--I haven't read Jan Karon, but my mom loves that series. :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope you enjoy the books and the challenge. I love Jan Karon and the Mitford books are some of my all-time favorites. She has a new series starting this fall, and I can't wait to get the first one in late October :)

Happy Reading!!!