Saturday, September 1, 2007

Picture Book Saturday!

I have two great reviews for you this week, of new books to our library shelves. I was very happy with both of these purchases and think you'll enjoy them as well!

Bad Dog, Marley! is written by John Grogan and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. Grogan is also the author of Marley & Me, the non-fiction memoir for adults that I loved so very much. This is the same story about the lovable, yet disastrous yellow lab that bounded into the Grogan's life and took out everything in it's path. Children will love reading about Marley being a "bad dog" in all his screen ripping, cake eating, cushion chewing, underwear stealing glory. The illustrations that accompany the pictures do Marley justice and are beautifully drawn.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was that it didn't quite stay true to the actual Marley & Me book. It's an entirely different book, so that is completely understandable, I guess I was just looking for a pint sized book for kids that included the same characters. Kids and adults alike will still love this book, even if they haven't read the adult version.

Does God Know How to Tie Shows? is written by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Lori McElrath-Eslic and is my favorite of the reviews this week. Katrina spends the day in the country with her mom and dad asking curious questions about God and his work. Some of her questions include "Mama, what does God wear?" and "Does God ever cry, Papa?" The answers are both sweet and honest and can help answer questions that all sorts of children have about our Creator. I also loved the beautiful painted illustrations, all of which have very strong colors, yet soft undertones.

In the back of this book there is also an index of Scripture references from the Psalms that adults can look at or use to further expand on the book with their children. I really liked that aspect of the book, as well as the innocent questions that little Katrina asked her parents. It was written in a very realistic manner and can be used as a book of entertainment or a book of teaching.

Until next weekend!

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Stephanie said...

Oh....I saw your comment on my blog about an illustrated book! I just loved Marley & Me!! Such a fantastic book!! I bet my girls would love this picture book!