Saturday, September 8, 2007

Picture Book Saturday!!

I have two new books this week that I loved. Enjoy!!

Bats At the Beach was written and illustrated by Brian Lies. This was probably one of my favorite picture books I've read this year. The plot is simple: the bats want to go to the beach, just like people do, however the bats go at night rather than during the day. They pack bug snacks, moon-screen (instead of sunscreen) and take turns being kites rather than flying kites. The whole book is told in rhymes and is very cute. I loved the illustrations and was impressed at how great they looked being that the entire story takes place during the dark night. This is an excellent "end-of-summer" book and will also make a great bedtime story.

Our second selection for the weekend is The Feathered Crown written by Marsha Hayles and illustrated by Bernadette Pons. This beautiful story follows a group of birds making a very special migration to see the new baby Jesus. As the flock flies over oceans and trees, they grow in number and are very determined to reach their goal of helping to make a nest for the new baby Jesus. This book also rhymes and is a great bedtime story. The illustrations are very soft, with muted colors and are perfect for making babies and toddlers sleepy enough to get ready for their own bedtime.

I loved both of these and will probably be purchasing them for my own shelves pretty soon. If you have young children I definitely encourage you to pick these up from the library or a bookstore.

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