Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Private Peaceful

Ah...such a buildup with all of the starred reviews and such....and such a letdown. I really didn't enjoy this book very much, though some of you may, hence the review anyways!

Set during the time of World War 1, Private Peaceful, written by Michael Morpurgo follows the Peaceful family, namely Thomas, a 15 year old still mourning the death of his father, which he believes he caused years ago. His family is struggling during the poverty stricken times and must rely on the kindness, or rather, the money, of an extremely spiteful man. Through flashbacks, Thomas lets the reader in on secrets of his childhood and also on the horror of present times during the war. Thomas and his older brother, Charlie, enlist and feel they are doing their family justice by this act.

The characters are well described, but I just didn't enjoy the story. I didn't feel a connection and I didn't really care to read the end..though I did. You may enjoy this book, I just personally did not.

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