Friday, September 28, 2007

Some suggestions needed

I need a new Bible and I would love, love, LOVE some suggestions! I would like one that includes devotionals if possible, but any suggestions would be great! I know a lot of my readers are Christians, so anything you could suggest would help me out! Thanks to all!


Becky said...

For me it's all about the translation-version. So before I recommend, I'd like to know your preferences. Max Lucado has a devotional bible out, but it's in New Century. A translation I'm not so fond of. But it used to be available in New King James. (That's what I have it in). The only other *devotional* type I have is the Women's Devotional Bible in NIV. They have two different editions of it. I have the first, but either one I imagine would be great. Also the Women of Faith Bible is good. It's also NIV.

I am more into study-bibles. I love the MacArthur bible and the Nelson Bible.

Stephanie said...

When I made a Cursillo about 5 years ago, I received a NIV Women's Devotional Bible (2) as a present. I love it!! It has daily devotionals as well as the actual Bible text. (And it's pretty - with pink/red flowers on the cover!)

AshleyR said...
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AshleyR said...

I would go with the KING JAMES STUDY BIBLE. That is just my suggestions.

You can go to my blog and read my post on which Bible to use? At:

donna fleisher said...

Hi Amanda! : )

I was told about the Daily Bible -- the one compiled by F. LaGard Smith that's in chronological order. It's in the NIV, is broken down into 365 daily readings, and has devotional passages by Smith throughout. Between the Testaments there are several passages describing Jewish life at that time, other books written at that time, and other stuff. It's not a study Bible, but it helps to be able to see how everything plays out chronologically. It's put out by Harvest House.

later gator!

Becky said...

I also recommend the Daily Bible or the Narrated Bible by F. Lagard Smith. It is so so good. :)

Deena said...

I got a TNIV True Identity Bible (in green leather) and I LOVE IT! But my daughter and I also have the Revolve Bible in New Century Version and love it as well:-)

For a study Bible, can't beat NIV Study Bible or NKJV Study Bible, both by Thomas Nelson, I believe:-)

Email me for more info if you wanna!

Amanda said...

Thanks to everyone...those are awesome suggestions!! I plan to go check some of them out this week. Thanks again!