Monday, September 17, 2007


I was very happy with the way this series ended up. I think this was supposed to be the conclusion of a trilogy, but if I'm thinking correctly I believe Extras is coming out next month, which would make it a series. I would be very happy to read that one as well! Scott Westerfeld is a great author and I've enjoyed these books very much. Always page turners and always exciting.

Specials, like other books, follows Tally Youngblood, now a member of Special Circumstance's prized group of Cutters. Though Tally's mind has been altered enough to agree with all of the things she does for Special Circumstances she still has lingering memories of her time with The Smoke and throughout the plot, begins again to think like a rebel. When her and Shay break into the Armory in order to help out a friend, the world begins to literally crash down around Tally. A war between cities breaks out and Tally is the only one who can save anything...or anyone.

This book was probably the most exciting for me. Uglies was a great introduction to the series and though Pretties moved a little slowly for my liking it was still pretty good, but Specials was the most action packed. I really liked this one and any fan of Scott Westerfeld's will enjoy it as well.

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Becky said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I think you'll really enjoy Extras as well. It is very action-packed. And though the narrator isn't Tally, she, in some ways reacaptures the Tallyness of Uglies.