Saturday, September 8, 2007


This was another book, like several I've read recently, that was awesome in the beginning and got less and less intriguing as the pages passed. I enjoyed the book and feel a lot of young adults will as well, but by the last couple of chapters I was definitely ready to move on.

Tanglewreck was written by Jeanette Winterson and follows Silver, a young girl who is residing with her mean Aunt Rockaby in a big house called Tanglewreck in London, after the deaths of her parents and younger sister. A series of Time Tornadoes have hit the city and have taken people out of thin air, dropping them into another time, as well as leaving strange pieces of history such as woolly mammoths and chariots in their place.

In the midst of all the chaos are two evil villains, Regalia Mason and Abel Darkwater, that believe if they each come into possession of a specific clock, they will hold the power of time in their hands, basically being able to take over the entire universe. They each believe that Silver knows where the clock is, though she very much does not and Silver soon sets off on a journey to try and find where the Timekeeper is actually located before it falls into the wrong hands.

The descriptions of different times and places were great, as were the descriptions of each character in the book. The plot was very exciting and at times had me flipping pages very quickly in order to find out what happened next. At the end, however, the story took a more scientific turn and was so filled with terms about time, space, and science, that I got a little bored. The beginning and first half of the middle were fantastic, but then it went a bit downhill for me personally. I still would recommend reading this, as the excitement in the first half was worth it!

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Debi said...

Sorry the end disappointed you...but I am certainly glad you reviewed it. Another one I'd never heard of, but think I would enjoy immensely!