Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wait for Me

Wait for Me by the fabulous An Na, is another look into the world of culturally strict parents and the effects these behaviors have on their Americanized youth. Mina works long hours at her parents dry cleaning shop, while trying very hard to figure out how to tell her mother she won't be getting into Harvard. She has dug herself into a hole, constantly lying to her mom, telling her she is the President of the Honor Society and has perfect grades, when none of that is actually true. She simply wants to please her mother, while keeping her off her back at the same time.

When Ysrael, a young man from Mexico, begins working at the dry cleaning shop, Mina falls head over heels for him. She knows her mother would never approve of the boy, so the pair has secret meetings at the time when Mina is supposed to be in SAT prep courses. Mina needs to decide whether or not to follow her dreams-and Ysrael-or remain in the society in which her mother has built for her. A world in which she is destined to fail.

Though not my favorite work of An Na's, I still enjoyed this book and felt it gave a great glimpse into the world with overbearing parents and eager to please teens. This is a very good young adult selection.

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