Friday, October 12, 2007

Among the Brave

I haven't picked up a Margaret Peterson Haddix book in over a month and figured it's high time to get back to them! I really want to finish the Shadow Children series, so Among the Brave was my next obvious choice by the author.

This installment in the series picks right up where the last book left off. After watching the Grants be killed, Trey, Lee, and Nina, as well as the chauffeur, high-tail it to Mr. Talbot's house to get help. Unfortunately, right as they arrive and Trey rings the doorbell, they all see Mr. Talbot being taken away by the Population handcuffs. The kids' driver quickly speeds away, leaving Trey alone on the porch of the Talbot's house. Once the Population Police leave, Trey spends the next few days waiting for his friends to come back to him, becoming more and more panicked as the days goes by and they do not arrive.

After waiting for days, Trey decides to hook up with Lee's older brother Mark to try and save his friends. This leads to high speed chases, lack of food, imprisonment, and eventual joining of the Population Police. This book was another excellent adventure by Haddix, leaving the reader (me) wanting more, more, more! I love the suspense in these novels and completely agree with critics when they state that reluctant readers should try this series. The books would get anyone reading!

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