Monday, October 1, 2007

The Christopher Killer

Oooh, a forensic mystery for teens! What more could one ask for! This book was perfectly written, with great elements of surprise, as well as plenty of facts...all on a teenagers level. I loved this book and am on the way to the library to get the second one! Another Fall Into Reading Challenge book to cross off!

The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson, features Cameryn, a 17 year old wanna-be forensic detective that gets hired as an assistant to her father, the small town coroner. Cameryn is incredibly smart and reads all kinds of books about forensics, giving her a good leg up in the science world. However, she isn't quite prepared for actually seeing death firsthand, pretty much losing it at her first scene. Cameryn is determined to prove to her father and all the other skeptics in town, that she really can do her job and do it well. She has the true chance to prove herself when one of her close friends is murdered and it is though to be the job of the famed serial murderer, "The Christopher Killer." Cameryn must allow her self to separate from the emotional aspect of the case in order to solve the murder of her friend.

Again, a great mystery book for teens that love CSI or shows like that. This one doesn't have a whole lot of gore, though the scenes are described with pretty great detail, tastefully. I enjoyed it!

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Alane.Ferguson said...

Hi Amanda!

Well, you just made my day/month/year! Thanks SO MUCH for your kind comments about my book, THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER. I really appreciate your fantastic review (very well written, I might add!) which I will send on to my editor to read.

Did you know the second book in the series, THE ANGEL OF DEATH, is already out? The third, THE CIRCLE OF BLOOD, will be released February 28, and right now I'm hard at work on the fourth, THE DYING BREATH. I'm always writing!

One thing you may not have known is that my best friend was murdered at the hands of a serial killer. That's what has made be go so deeply into forensics - I want to know how to catch the killers of the world. (She was an only child killed on Mother's Day.) So I write, and in that world at least, everything works out.

The email I actually use is, so if you choose to say 'hi' that's the account to use. I hate to admit how untechy (I think I just made up a word!) I am - my husband gets a chuckle out of my ineptitude. Unless it's in the autopsy suite, that is!

Thanks again for your kind comments, Amanda. Keep writing!

Hugs from Colorado,

Alane Ferguson