Friday, October 26, 2007

Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely

This is the first entry into Christian author, Melody Carlson's TrueColors series. A very simple story at first glance, but filled with the emotion of teenager, Kara. She has been best friends with Jordan practically forever, but this year Jordan has made new friends with the cool kids, leaving Kara behind in the dust. Kara is very depressed and heartbroken over Jordan's betrayal and finds it hard to do anything besides mope. When she begins to make friends with some of the notably "less cool" kids in school, Jordan's new mean behavior gets even worse. Kara continues to doubt her self worth and whether or not making new friends had been a good idea in the first place.

Throughout Kara's story, she gets acquainted with God and what He can do for her in terms of friendship and love. She begins to trust in Him and even is saved by asking Him into her heart. Though she still struggles with that self-doubt, as we all do at times, she knows now that God will always be her best friend and He will never let her down, as Jordan so cruelly did.

I thought this was a great book for older middle readers and younger teens. The storyline is simple, yet emotional and it is very easy to connect with Kara. I love Melody Carlson as a writer and this first series book is spot on.


Deena said...

These books get more intense as they go along...and they are GREAT...

Lindsey Dunn said...

I am a HUGE fan of this series. I was really impressed with the book about a teen dealing with a friend that comes out. And there is one about a teen cutting herself: Blade Silver. I reviewed that one awhile back. It is a fantastic read!