Monday, October 22, 2007

Here's Lily!

Here's Lily, the first book in the huge Young Women of Faith series by Nancy Rue introduces us to sixth-grader, Lily. She has always thought herself to be very ordinary and is amazed to find out that a model talent agent wants her to attend modeling classes. Her understandably wary parents insist she may join the classes only if Lily can determine where God stands with her and her interest in modeling. Lily works very hard to prove that God is in her through everything, in order to stay in the classes.

Through the modeling classes and her relationship with her mentor and teacher, Lily is not only given a drastic boost in self-confidence, but also what Rue refers to as "God-Confidence." She comes to understand that it doesn't matter what other kids think about her, it's what God thinks about her that is important. This is a great form of entertainment and Christian learning for young girls and quite the enjoyable story for adults. I'm a sucker for anything in a series, so this was a great read for me. And another Fall Into Reading Challenge book done!

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