Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Light in the Window

Jan Karon's A Light in the Window is the second installment in her much loved Mitford series and the second book on my list for the Read the Author challenge. Life picks up pretty much where it left off in the last book, with Father Tim deciding if he loves his neighbor Cynthia, as well as dealing with the advances of another lady parishioner. All of the characters from the first novel make appearances in this book, as well as the addition of several new ones, including Buck Leeper, the construction worker leading the job of building the new rest home, and Father Tim's cousin Meg who has followed him back from Ireland and begins to quickly wear out her welcome. A fierce snowstorm causes the Father and Dooley to be snowed in at home and constant misunderstandings between he and Cynthia keep the reader laughing.

This was another lovely mix of humor, sentimentality, and coziness and though not quite as exciting as the first novel, certainly held my attention and has me looking forward to book three. Mitford certainly is written as a wonderful place to live and makes me want to search out my own town like that!


Nicola said...

I read a couple of these books in the middle of the series and loved them. I'd like to go back and read them from the beginning.

Verbivore said...

Glad you are enjoying the books you picked for the Challenge! Isn't it fun to read several books by the same author? I like getting a sense of their overall style and theme.